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Do you want to raise courageous kids?  Do you want to be a courageous parent?  In this podcast we will be tackling some of the tough topics that parents and their kids may be facing in 2021; from pornography to social media to consent culture and identity, we hope to empower you with the tools and wisdom you might need to navigate these big topics full of faith.

 Views expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of the NPI.

Episode One: 
The TikTok Generation
With more people on social media than ever before, it's likely that your teen is engaged on one or more platforms. But, do you know what those platforms are and do you know what they're looking at? Bigger still, how on earth do we engage with them over this? Megan chats to Joseph the Dreamer - YouTuber and viral Tik Tokker, about how we can love our kids and have the necessary conversations with them about social media and dis-empower any fear surrounding it. 

Episode Two: Pornography

Megan talks to the amazing Karin Cooke, church pastor and coach, about pornography and gets insight on why kids are struggling with it today and the questions parents can be asking their kids to normalise the talk of porn and build a healthy view of sex within the family and the church.

Episode Three: 
Teen Mental Health
Megan talks to Lily-Jo from the Lily-Jo Project on the topic of teen mental health and how we can love, create a safe space and check in on our kids intentionally even if our kids aren't seeming willing to share. Lily-Jo talks about her favourite mental health resources and encourages parents to look after themselves too. 

Episode Four: 
Consent Culture
Megan talks to Bekah Legg from Restored UK, about how we raise kids to treat each other with respect, how we can create a culture of consent within and outside of our homes and how we can raise bold powerful kids who have the ability to say no and understand no. There is so much wisdom to hold on to here, we hope you find it useful!

Episode Five: Technology
Megan talks to Dr Susannah Davies from PAPAYA (Parents Against Phone Addiction in Young Adolescents) on the subject of technology. She asks how it's hindering our teens mental health, how we can break the cycle and how we can begin the conversation for things to look different even in the midst of a culture where more teens have smartphones than ever before. There are lots of practical tips and resources so enjoy!

Episode Six: 
Raising a Family of Faith
Megan talks to Thea Muir from I Am So Many Things about raising a family of faith. She asks how Thea creates peace in her home, how she uses declarations as part of everyday life and how that has impacted her children. She is one of the most joyful and hopeful people you will ever meet and so it's well worth listening to the conversation to find out more about her and her family.