Below are some of the organisations we think do a brilliant job of partnering with churches to meet the needs of families in communities across the nation.  If you want to read more on how churches can support families, please visit our blog for church leaders.


Restored is an international Christian Alliance working to transform relationships and end violence against women.  They have created a resource specifically to help church leaders in this area called 'Ending Domestic Abuse: A Pack for Churches'.  Find it here.

Safe Families Logo

Safe Families is a charity that works with 30+ Local Authorities across the UK, with a heart to support families, children and care leavers.  Support is provided primarily through volunteers from local churches.  Find out more here

TLG Logo

TLG are a Christian charity committed to reaching out to some of the most vulnerable children in the UK, through the local Church.  Find out more here 

Parent Buddies logo
Parent Buddies is a one-to-one listening service, delivered through churches and other organisations to support and enhance the well-being of parents and carers.  Volunteers are trained to listen to parents/carers and signpost them to specialist services when required.  Find out more here


Fegans is a charity working holistically with children and families through counselling and supporting parents.  They have a huge amount of resources on their website, many of which would be useful to churches looking at ways to support families in their community.

At a loss logo 
Bereavement signposting charity, 
At a Loss, have lots of really useful resources on their website.  Find out more here




Kayte Potter, 10/08/2020