Pregnancy and Early Years 

Building the foundations of your family life

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Begin Well is a charity founded by a Health Visitor and Consultant Obstetrician, who have developed an evidence based, 5-week antenatal course which gives parents-to-be the starting blocks for family life.

Currently available in the South West, the Begin Well course is delivered by volunteers and is run out of Church halls.  During the course, parents-to-be are linked with people and resources in their local community, so after having a baby they are supported through all the challenges and joy having a baby brings.  Find out more here

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Over the last 25 years our knowledge of emotional development has increased dramatically.  GroBrain helps parents understand this research in simple, visual ways from pregnancy through the first three years.  Visit the website to find out more.

To find out more about the significance of attachment, take a look at this 
short article from Connected Lives.

Kayte Potter, 28/05/2020