NPI Bristol and Bath 

Welcome to the Bristol and Bath page.

How’s your family life at the moment? Would you like to be able to chat through the joys and pains of bringing up children or teenagers?

The Bristol and Bath Regional Team is a local expression of the vision of NPI. We are a team of people from both Bristol and Bath who have a passion to see family life transformed in our cities.

e believe that every parent benefits from sharing experiences with others and the opportunity for structured discussion on current thinking to enhance their parenting skills. That is why we sincerely believe in churches offering parenting courses in and for their immediate community. Churches are well placed to gather people together from all kinds of backgrounds in their neighbourhood. Whilst a parenting course might be run in or by a Christian Church, people from all faiths and none are extremely welcome to come along.

As a team, we meet regularly and we pray together for our cities. We organise occasional events to inspire and encourage churches to run parenting courses. We recommend a selection of courses that can easily be used. Given that we have all been involved in running parenting courses ourselves, we can act as a point of reference for guidance and advice.

Our dream for Bristol and Bath is to see every community with a church facilitating a parenting course at least once a year, whether in the church itself or in some other community location. Churches often run many other events which are family orientated so there can be more ‘wrap-around’ support offered.

Whether you are a church or a parent in the Bristol and Bath areas, if you have a question or an enquiry, please refer to the ‘contact’ section of this website. Any local enquiries will be handed over to us.