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Exploring the Bible Together

How many times as parents have we sat down with our children to help with their homework or school project and not known the answer or how to explain it to our children? Luckily, we have the internet to help teach us to teach our children. When we are really stuck we can even watch a video that helps explain things step by step.

Why then do we do this for Maths or English but not when we have questions or feel unsure about our confidence in the Bible?  At Bible Society, we work hard to develop resources that are engaging for all families no matter where they are on their faith journey and that are also really fun to do. If we wouldn’t do them with our own families, we wouldn’t encourage you to do them with yours.

One of our newest resources, designed for the entire family to gather around and explore together, is our Good New Bible – Family Edition. We partnered with our friends at Youth for Christ and listened to children and families as they told us what they wanted to see in a Bible. Every item was designed with you and your family in mind. We also know that every family is unique, so some items may not be in the Bible but are on our resource webpage, or will be uploaded soon. You can access the resources and 26 videos by scanning the QR codes in the Bible. Within the Bible you will find hundreds of interactive elements, tips on how to read the Bible, maps, and lots of space for drawing and colouring as well as prayers for your family and questions to chat about. This is a Bible that is designed to bring you closer to God, and closer to each other as well.

The different church seasons give us all moments to reflect on Jesus and his life. We appreciate that everyone is living busy lives, and we hope that as you journey with us through Lent, Easter and Pentecost you will find resources that work for you and your family. We have Wonder Walks for getting outside and reflecting on Scripture and books to read, as well as a whole suite of fun and engaging interactions to choose from during the in-between time from Easter to Pentecost. Our colleagues in the Catholic Church have also developed a number of Easter and education resources for the God Who Speaks campaign.

Families who are looking to widen their love of the Bible can join our Rooted Juniors programme. This membership scheme is aimed at children age 7–11 and gives inspiring stories from young people around the world as well as themes to enable them to grow their Bible knowledge.

One of my colleagues has said that if Jesus needed the Bible as the Son of God, then we really need it as the people of God. Our prayer is that we can walk alongside families as they journey through the Bible. You can find out more about Bible Society and our resources on our website.
Written by Kristin Stevenson, Children and Family Development Lead at the Bible Society

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